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#64 - Elite Human Performance with Brittany Loney (Part 1)

May 12, 2023 Andrew Barry Episode 64
The Learning Culture Podcast
#64 - Elite Human Performance with Brittany Loney (Part 1)
Show Notes

Brittany Loney joins me this week for part one of a special two-part episode! We were on such a roll, we recorded for almost two hours! Brittany is the Director of Elite Cognition and Human Optimization at Core One.

She works with the US Military, specifically, soldiers in very high-risk combat situations. She works with them as groups and individuals to develop their:

  • brain capacity,
  • physical capacity,
  • and emotional capacity

to operate at peak performance within those high-risk arenas.

In part one we explore Brittany’s traumatic college basketball background and how it led her along a learning journey about performance psychology and brain science.

She applied her knowledge to other athletes and other sports and eventually found herself working in the US military (where she has been for the past 13 years) and designing an incredible program of packaged expertise called ECHOElite Cognition and Human Optimization.

In part two (tune in next week!), we’ll explore the finer details of the ECHO program and how its foundations align with lots of things we talk about on this show.

I recommend getting out a pen and paper or taking notes on your phone, because you’ll come across some practical stuff in here to apply at work for the teams that you’re responsible for developing and for your own work.

This whole episode is about high performance — elite human performance.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode with Brittany Loney.

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