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#70 - How To Win in 2023 with Paul Slack

June 30, 2023 Andrew Barry Season 1 Episode 70
The Learning Culture Podcast
#70 - How To Win in 2023 with Paul Slack
Show Notes

Paul Slack joins the Learning Culture Podcast this week for an episode on how to succeed in B2B marketing in 2023.

Paul is the CEO of Vende Digital, a digital marketing and demand generation company that works with B2B companies.

For the last several months Paul and I have gone back and forth on LinkedIn. I finally got him on the podcast to share his clear and fresh view on marketing.

Here’s a quick glimpse. There is a correct mindset to adopt when creating content for and interacting with buyers:

  1. The buyer has access to perfect information
  2. They are able to learn what they need on their own
  3. They can make rational decisions

Part 1 of this conversation is about deeply exploring this somewhat counterintuitive approach, as well as exploring the spaces where marketing and sales overlap.

Part 2 (tune in next week) will be all about breaking down the barriers between marketing and sales.

Make sure your pen is full of ink — I furiously took notes during this chat, so I’m sure you’ll find lots of practical takeaways, too.

With that, enjoy this Learning Culture Podcast episode with Paul Slack!

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